Welcome Home

Celebrating Florida Atlantic's past. Embracing its incredible future.

For more than 60 years, Florida Atlantic has been a home to students from every corner of the globe. While the campus, faculty, and size of the University have changed, Florida Atlantic will always hold a special place in the hearts of its alumni.

With the University’s staggering growth and recent successes, there has never been a better time to welcome our alumni back home. That's where our Welcome Home initiative comes in. From new Owl Networks to a completely revamped Alumni Membership program, there are countless ways to re-connect with your alma mater.

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Owl Networks

By the end of the 2023 calendar year, the Florida Atlantic Alumni Association will have 28 active Owl Networks serving alumni across the country. Our location-based, affinity, and professional networks will serve alumni in every stage of their life.


Alumni membership will be completely revamped this year, providing more value to our alumni, and our current Owls with increased scholarship support. Joining the Florida Atlantic Alumni Association will grant you access to exclusive benefits, events and much more.

Female alumni on campus

Celebrating You

Let’s celebrate you! This year, we will launch an updated slate of events and recognition opportunities, showcasing the amazing accomplishments of our nearly 204,000 alumni. Our signature events, Majestic Owls, Talon Awards, Parliament of Owls, and Hall of Fame & Distinguished Alumni, honor a wide array of graduates who have thrived after leaving campus. Additionally, we’ll soon launch our 40 under 40 program, which will celebrate Florida Atlantic alumni on the rise. 

Alumni Tours

Come to campus and experience our new alumni tours! Our campus tour will show just how far Florida Atlantic has come over the past 60 years.  


This fall, we are rolling out the red carpet during football season with specialized alumni tailgates honoring different decades of Florida Atlantic’s history. Each one will be its own mini-reunion where you can reconnect with alums from that era. This is the inaugural year for this format, so we are excited to grow this into something bigger every year.  

Many of our alumni fondly reminisce about their time at Florida Atlantic, but gradually move on to their professional careers, relocate, or simply find life pulling them in different directions. We hope this Welcome Home initiative will be your first step back to Florida Atlantic. When you travel home, you’ll be proud of just how far Florida Atlantic has come.