Student Alumni Association

Tradition Starts Here 

What is the Student Alumni Association (SAA)? 

Florida Atlantic University’s Student Alumni Association (SAA) is a student organization that works to bridge Florida Atlantic Alumni and students and help create lasting traditions across campus. By becoming a member of the SAA, you will be joining an organization dedicated to making Florida Atlantic a better community through passionate support and engagement.    

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SAA Breakdown

The SAA houses two student groups: the Prowlers and Ambassadors. SAA membership is required for the Prowlers and Ambassadors. Both strive to uphold the traditions of the past, while also creating traditions for the future, such as fight song and the Swag Surf.  Will you help create the next tradition at Florida Atlantic?  


The Prowlers are heavily involved with the student body and Florida Atlantic Athletics to help create unforgettable gameday atmospheres at Florida Atlantic. The Prowlers are also tasked with promoting a fun and engaging campus vibe for the student body. Showcasing their creativity and hard work, the Prowlers have also received national attention on the Today Show and were rated the #15 student section in the country for the 2022-23 basketball season.  

For more information, follow the @fauprowlers Instagram account or email at [email protected].

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The Ambassadors are a group of student representatives who work closely with alumni, developing networking and professional skills, while creating a culture of philanthropy at Florida Atlantic.

Ambassadors is a selective process, with an application and interview required. Once you sign up for an SAA membership, you will be provided more information on how to apply for Ambassadors.  

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