Owl Networks

With more than 204,000 alumni around the world, there so many fellow Owls to connect with, regardless of where you live. Owl Networks are designed to create connections, both professionally and socially. 

Join a network or start a new network! 


Affinity Networks 

Every Florida Atlantic graduate’s experience is different. There are so many clubs, organizations, teams, memberships, fraternities, sororities, or programs you may have been involved in during your time at Florida Atlantic. Affinity networks connect you with alumni who share the same interests, allowing you to connect for events, reunions, and more. These networks can also allow you to connect with current students through mentoring or events. The opportunities for these networks are endless. Expect to see many new networks launched over the next year.  

Current affinity networks
  • Black Alumni Network 
  • First and Proud Alumni Network 
  • Military and Veteran Owls Alumni Network 
  • Varsity Owls Alumni Network (Former Student-Athletes)
Affinity networks launching in Fall 2023
  • Architecture Alumni Network 
  • FAU High/A.D. Henderson Alumni Network 
  • Wilkes Honors College Alumni Network 

Geographic Networks 

There are Florida Atlantic graduates WORLDWIDE! Geographic networks look to connect you and other Owls living in your geographic area. These networks can provide networking opportunities, social events, and watch parties for Florida Atlantic sporting events. Over the next few years, our geographic networks will grow exponentially. If you are interested in starting a local network, please email [email protected]. 

Current geographic networks
  • Palm Beach County Alumni Network 
  • Broward County Alumni Network 
Geographic networks launching in Fall 2023
  • California Alumni Network 
  • Chicagoland/Illinois Alumni Network  
  • Georgia Alumni Network 
  • Jacksonville Alumni Network 
  • Miami-Dade County Alumni Network 
  • Northeast Alumni Network (NY, NJ, PA, MA, CT, etc.)
  • Orlando Alumni Network  
  • Southwest Florida Alumni Network  
  • Space Coast Alumni Network 
  • Tallahassee Alumni Network 
  • Tampa Alumni Network  
  • Texas Alumni Network 
  • Treasure Coast Alumni Network 
  • Washington D.C. Alumni Network 

Professional Networks 

NEW in 2023! Professional networks provide opportunities to connect with others in specific fields and industries. Events will encourage the exchange of ideas and information, as well as help build relationships that can lead to new professional opportunities, collaborations, and other professional development activities. Having a strong professional network can also help individuals stay informed about industry trends and developments, as well as provide a sense of support and community. 

Current professional networks
  • Education Professionals Alumni Network 
Professional networks launching in Fall 2023
  • Business Professionals Alumni Network 
  • FAU Health Alumni Network