Dr. Jodi-Ann Edwards is a general surgery resident physician at SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University completing her third dedicated research year in the Surgery Laboratory with basic science research focused on the molecular biology of acute pancreatitis. Her clinical research projects include general surgery outcomes, COVID-19, health and healthcare disparities, and quality improvement. Dr. Edwards’ medical and surgical education research focuses on mentorship, leadership, microaggressions, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Additionally, Dr. Edwards is a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society and is involved in several committees to improve medical student and resident education.  

Dr. Jodi-Ann Edwards was born in Jamaica and raised in South Florida. Since age 6, Dr. Edwards has aspired to become a doctor or teacher. Despite becoming a mother of a son at 14, Dr. Edwards’ inner drive and family support allowed her to pursue her dream.  

Dr. Edwards attended Broward College at 16 and graduated with honors.  She completed both her pre-medical and undergraduate medical education at Florida Atlantic University. As a medical student, her passion for surgery was encouraged by her mentors.  

Dr. Edwards is currently enrolled in the Master of Public Health Program at the SUNY Downstate School of Public Health. She is very interested in pursuing a breast surgical oncology fellowship. Although she has faced adversity, Dr. Edwards is grateful for the rewards of being a mother, a general surgery resident physician, and a molecular biology researcher. Dr. Edwards’ goal is to educate, mentor, and inspire future generations by becoming an academic surgeon, improving the learning environment and the quality of patient care.   

“A surgeon is not born; she is trained. Florida Atlantic University has provided me with excellent undergraduate medical education, serving as the foundation for my surgical training. I will always be a proud FAU CESCOM alumni and grateful for my mentors and supporters."

Jodi-Ann Edwards, Edwards, B.S. ’11, M.D. ’17