Isabelle Clérié, B.A. ’09, M.N.M. ’11

Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters

“My bachelor’s degree helped me develop my thought process so that I can more easily adapt to new situations and catch on quickly,” she said.  “My master’s degree gave me a strong set of tools to navigate the ‘NGO nation that my country has become.”

Isabelle Clérié currently works to develop a Haitian impact investment fund that can provide much needed cheap capital to young entrepreneurs, small businesses and rural farmers.

Clérié was born and raised in Haiti. After high school she moved to the United States and attended Florida Atlantic University. Clérié earned a master’s degree in nonprofit management from FAU in 2011, as well as adouble bachelor’s degree in English and anthropology with a minor in classical studies.

After graduate school, Clérié returned to Haiti and worked as the director of an organization that works with youngHaitian entrepreneurs by providing capacity building, training and technical assistance.

Clérié’s passion has always been in Haiti where she hopes to make lasting change.