The Problem

Dr. Rupert Rhodd breaks down the numbers of net worth across the country. The net worth of Black households is far less than those of other communites.

Buying Choices

For Black Americans each dollar earned leaves that community within 72 hours. Far less than any other race or ethnicity. These buying choices and lack of options to buy black contribute to the wealth gap.

Building Wealth Through Ownership

Amed Alivia ’03 talks about the fastest way to generate wealth. Try to own the things you consume. If you go to Dunkin Donuts or Disney you can own a piece of those companies. Passing this own to the next generation.

The Truth about Real Estate

Alexa Rosario ’15 talks about how investing in real estate and building wealth through investment properties.

Power of Choice

By education and passing on this knowledge can lead to change. Beginning these conversations now will create clarity and move the trajectory of the Black community.

Importance of Understanding

Educating on how to be fiscally responsibility and is something that must be passed on to future generations. Amed Avila ’03 talks about the importances of wills and trusts in leaving behind that legacy.