Frederick Santory B.S. 14′

College of Business

Frederick Santory is the Director of Recruitment for The Snow Financial Group at Northwestern Mutual. He moved from Massachusetts to Boca Raton in 2012 to finish his Management and Marketing degrees at Florida Atlantic University. Frederick graduated from FAU in 2014 and began his professional career working for three different companies, Beasley Radio, a small local non-profit company, and a small production company. After three years of working multiple jobs, Frederick was hired to recruit for one of America’s fortune 100 companies, Northwestern Mutual, as the Internship Recruitment Coordinator in Boca Raton, FL .

Frederick quickly took over the internship program, and was promoted to his current position in the fall of 2017. In his current role, Frederick looks to introduce people to a career as a financial services representative where you can take the skills, drive and desire you possess and use them to help individuals and businesses solve their most important financial challenges.

Additionally, he recruits for one of America’s top ten internship programs, at Northwestern Mutual. This summer, he is the program director for the college internship program in the North Boca office, where he is developing students into Financial Advisors. Frederick also participates in the Business Communication Exchange meetings on FAU’s campus, where a small group consisting of local employers and FAU Business Communications Program faculty share ideas about what is currently taught in the graduate and undergraduate communications courses and how does it relate in students gaining employment after education.

Frederick Santory is working to build networks in the local community, developing young professionals, and building a respectable office in North Boca Raton. “FAU has given so much to me during my time at the University and still continues to give opportunities to me. I am ever grateful and look to make an impact wherever I can, this includes giving what I can, back to FAU and its students.”